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Book Review; “Two Gentlemen of Lebowski” by Adam Bertocci, copyright 2010

Without knowing, I’ve read this story at the time that Shakespeare’s birthday is celebrated. I’m sure it would have made a great addition to the Globe’s plays.Image

The full title is The Most Excellent comedie and Tragical Romance of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. I am pretty sure that most people reading this will have knowledge of the movie “The Big Lebowski”. This is a book that relates the tale in a way William Shakespeare. I found it a fun way to remember the characters in a little different way.

It took me awhile to get used to the iambic pentameter and I have a couple of suggestions that might help the reader.

First      Adam Bertocci has given the reader definitions for the period prose. If you read the definitions for the entire scene you will be able to get into the rhythm of the story.
Second      Look at the punctuation. It will help with the flow.

Finally      Take your time anddon’t be afraid to read parts over until you get the meaning.  It’s a short story and doesn’t take long to read the entire book. It took me a couple of times to get the correct flow and then the story was better.

I don’t claim to be a Shakespeare scholar. The suggestions I’ve posted seemed to help me and I hope they would help you. Wouldn’t it be a fun evening to see “The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski performed live, I would really like to see that.

Next up, “The Eye of God” by James Rollins.

Until next time, I will leave you with these words from “The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski”

So foul and fair a day I have not seen.

Such a day, I mark the, whereupon the winter of our discontent
is ne’er made glorious summer. A gentleman wiser than myself
did say that on such days, thou exits, pursued by the bear,
and on others, the bear exits, pursued by you.

Dirty Buzzard
Wise words, never truer. Happy Birthday Will.



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