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Book Review; “Booby Trap” by William Stevenson copyright 1987

You never know what you might find at a garage sale. That is where I came across “Booby Trap”. Sure the title caught my attention at first and, I wondered “is this the type of book I want to read right now?” With a copyright of 1987 I knew that it would be dated, but, what really  caught my attention first in ”Booby Trap” was that the plot, with a minor updating, could still be current in today’s geopolitical atmosphere. Set in the fictional British protectorate “Windfall Islands” located off the eastern coast of the southern United States. The ‘Windfalls’ were established by privateers in the 17th and 18th centuries and some of the original families still live and run the island.Image

Now former  Vietnam War POW’s, and now business partners Pete “ Cat’s Eyes” Casey and “Bingo” Harriman now own and operate a small brewery are looking to the “Windfalls” for a safe haven for their foundation.   The partners make a point to employ  veterans and wives of veterans in their business, they also have founded and support a foundation, “The Forget-me-Nots,” The foundations main purpose is to find and bring back POW’s still thought to be interned in Vietnam.

The main antagonist is the self-imposed leader of the African nation,”Sahara”.  Colonel Zia Gabbiya. Billionaire, Muslim leader, and terrorist sympathizer Gabbiya has underworld connections  throughout the world. But, because of his prominence as the “Saharan” national leader he has become a difficult target. Gabbiya has a plan to bring “the Great American Satan” and it’s allies to its knees. Casey, Harriman, and a small independent band from the “Windfall Islands” are trying to stop Gabbiya and his steamroller type machine.

As previously mentioned the basic story line is still quite current. There is an outspoken terrorist leader that is plotting the demise of the Great Satan America and through bribes and blackmail he is close to accomplishing his goal. Gabbiya uses the American System against itself as he works out his plan for domination and the spread of Islam. The story line could almost be taken from current headlines.

I did find the beginning of the book a bit confusing but that could have been just myself switching from mystery to political intrigue in a short time. The story line makes the book more suitable for the older reader, like myself, that remembers all to clearly, the fall of Saigon and the ending of the Vietnam era. I found myself still wondering about veterans left in prison camps. But realize that men and women that served during the Vietnam era are now in their late sixties and seventies. It doesn’t seem that long ago.

Up next, the next in the destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson, “Iron Gray Sea”.


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