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Book Review; “Scarecrow” by Matthew Reilly copyright 2003

The third Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield book written by Australian author, Matthew Reilly.  I stumbled onto Reilly at the used book store and picked up his first book just to see what he was like. Since then I have read what was available in the local store. An interesting fact about Reilly is, as a young unknown he could not find a publisher for his first book, a science fiction/action novel. Reilly published it on his own and after it had some success he was “discovered” and now has a publisher that is taking his novels to a larger audience.  Lately to read more from Matthew Reilly I have ordered paperbacks on-line.Scarecrow-cover-4

Main character Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield finds himself on a list with a cross-section from Mossad, Al Qaeda, CIA, Hamas, MI-6, etc.  All fifteen of the list members have knowledge of top-secret plans or have some special abilities related to this secret plan. This list is a hit list and all the worlds most fierce bounty hunters are after their heads, literally. For each head brought to a fortress on the French Brittany coast  a bounty of almost 20 million US dollars has been offered. Scarecrow is not only trying to keep his own head, but to find out who is behind the bounty hunt, why they have started it, and trying to stop what antagonist really wants to accomplish.

Schofield and his team travel from Siberia to Afghanistan to England and the French Brittany coast. This all happens in a short time frame, so action is the main outcome.
In fact it is all action. If you like or demand action in your novels this is the one for you. I almost found it too much. Too many tight spots to get out of, but that’s the life of an action novel. In the middle of all this, Reilly throws in a complete surprise, that made me stop and wonder, Boy! That was something I wasn’t expecting to happen.

“Scarecrow” reads fast, it’s like “Die Hard” in book form. The cover teasers tell Dirk Pitt and Jack Ryan to move over because Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield is the next action hero. If you like Pitt and Ryan you will probably enjoy the Scarecrow series also.

Next up; Something completely different, “Charley’s Web” by Joy Fielding. I don’t know when I picked this up but when I grabbed it off the shelf thought I was looking at “Charlotte’s Web”. So far it doesn’t have any animals in it.


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