Life Update & Book Review;

It seems that just a breath ago I was writing one of these a couple of times per week. Now Spring has passed and we are into summer in Michigan. Yesterday was the 4th of July. We have sold our home of 18 plus years and moved onto our boat. As with any move we have had to make some hard decisions on what to keep, what to store, and what to either sell or donate. Our move onto the boat was not difficult, we have been spending summers on board for 4 years. But this was more official. We are now full-time boat people. In the mean time I have kept up my reading and have completed at least five books since I last posted. Here is a brief recap of what I’ve read;

“The Heart of Everything That Is” by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin, copyright 2013.
“Heretic” (The Grail Quest #3) by Bernard Cornwell copyright 2004
“Relic” by Douglas Preston copyright 2005
“Storm Surge” (Destoyermen #8) by Taylor Anderson copyright 2013
“Compelling Evidence” by Steven Martini copyright 1993

The books were all good in their own way. “The Heart of Everything That Is” was a true telling of the life of Chief of the Sioux Red Cloud. The book tells not only of Red Cloud, but of the 300 year war waged upon the American Indian by the European Americans. If you want a real story of the west this will teach you some things that are not in the history books.

“Heretic” wraps the story of an English archer and his search for his ancestors and birthright. His dealings with close friends and the church. Cornwell tells a good story and his historical fictions are very believable.

“Relic” was purchased because a favorite author James Rollins suggested the author. “Relic”, a psychological horror story, scared the crap out of me. The story deals with a museum exhibit about to be opened and the possibility of some kind of monster that has followed items from the South American jungle.

“Storm Surge”, follows the Destroyermen in their lives in a different dimension on earth. Taylor’s depictions of land and sea battles are first-rate. My son and I are reading the series together and have now caught up with the paperbacks that have been released. Both of us are excited about the next book and can’t wait for it to be released.

“Compelling Evidence” was the first of the Paul Madriani series. Even for being published in 1993 the book was a good read and kept my interest throughout. I enjoyed the introduction of characters like his partner Harry and his daughter Sarah that grows into an adult in the series. Any of Martini’s Madriani series is worth the read.
I am now reading “7 Deadly Wonders” by Australian author Mathew Reilly. Reilly’s books are action packed and if you like Clive Custler or James Rollins you will like Mathew Reilly.

We are settling into our lives here at the marina. During the week we almost have the marina to ourselves and it is very peaceful. The weekends are a different story. We seem to manage and if it gets to crazy we will just head to a different port for a couple of days. Yesterday was the 4th of July and with a long weekend it has been a bit crazy. For the most part we stay to ourselves and relax and watch the boat traffic. I was busy yesterday. Lots of boats heading down to the waterfront for the big fireworks display. This morning it is pretty quiet. Lots of people stayed up late and now are sleeping in or recuperating. I was talking to Dearest and said that fireworks and lots of boats concern me more now that I’m not drinking like I used too. Makes a big difference if you’re not one of the people who everyone watches out for.

We have been preparing the boat for our adventure and making lists of jobs and items that are needed. Yesterday I painted a floor in the forward shower area. It should be ready to go later tonight or tomorrow. Good ole Chris-Craft bilge paint. This morning I’ve coated some teak with varnish, little jobs that can be accomplished during quiet times. We had a tanker come out and we now have full tanks of fuel. We hold 420 gallons when full. That gives us a cursing range of about 400 miles. With our expected trip to be over 4000 miles that is 10 plus fill ups. I’ve got an idea of what our fuel expenditure is going to be but, who knows where we might end up going. It is all part of the adventure.

This gives you a little of what we have been up too for the last month. When things progress I will try to keep everyone in “the loop.”

Until next time I hope everyone has a safe weekend and people get out of the marina early on Sunday morning so we can have it back to ourselves.


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