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Book Review; “The Blood Gospel” by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell copyright 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review. I’m still reading and if you’ve seen the last blog post I listed some of the books that I read. We have been busy getting things ready for our latest adventure. Prepping the boat for a trip of a lifetime and just settling into our new lifestyle. Electronic connections are not quite the same here on the boat, and although the marina says it has WiFi it is very costly and does not connect to the boats farther away from the main office. So in the mean time I do my drafts off-line and then will find a hotspot to upload. (Oh the trials of a first world problem).

Blood Gospel was on my “to read” list mainly because I consider James Rollins one of my favorite authors and read most any thing that he has written. I was not familiar with Rebecca Cantrell.15818164

The book starts out in a regular Rollins way with an archeologist at a dig in Egypt having an amazing find. Without going into too much detail, a beautiful, single, archeologist, raised in a family of very strict religious beliefs now, because of this upbringing, questions most everything about any structured religion. There has been an earthquake and a temple is damaged and an unknown before chamber has been opened. She is “requested” by Israeli special forces to help with the securing of the chamber within a mountain. There she joins a strange Priest and an American Soldier. The three have now become a force, that has been part of an ancient prophesy, to look for “The Blood Gospel”.

The Rollins share of Gospel got me hooked and kept me interested. I was not ready for the Cantrell part of the book. But,the authors were able blend both there styles and created a book worth reading. I am trying to write this and not give away a lot of the secrets. Be prepared for something different. Don’t think of the “Twilight” series, think more on the lines of “Monster Hunters International” without the humor.

It’s a good book, but not the usual, so if your ready for something different and can handle different religious views and thoughts, this could be the Rollins book for you and you might want to look into Rebecca Cantrell’s newest book. I understand it has won some awards.

Next up; “Night of the Jaguar” by Michael Gruber

We are planning a shakedown cruise, just a short day trip of 55 miles to South Haven, Michigan. We have put the dinghy back on the back deck and have the bikes secured to the rails in front. Dearest even got a pair of “big ball” fenders that she always wanted. I hope to post a Cruising edition to the Dirty Buzzard blog, another “shake down” about our trip and a little about South Haven also.

Until then Fair winds and following seas.


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