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I may be the Captain, but she IS the Admiral. Here is a post from Dearest, my wife Cynthia. Cynthia has been paid for her writings and after much begging and persuading she has agreed to contribute, on a when ever she feels like it basis.


I have never in my life written a diary or a journal with the thinking that there really wasn’t that much spectacular happening to document. But life, people and circumstances change. So the reason for this attempt is that we begin the Great Loop tomorrow. My husband, Byron, and I have had our 46-foot Jefferson Sundeck Trawler for approximately four years. We spent last summer cruising the North Channel and sharing with our family and close friends via the internet. The positive response to photos and our adventures was surprising and inspiring, so I will attempt to document our 2014-2015 trip.

There has been so much planning and preparation for this adventure. After a living estate sale, selling our house, putting property up for sale and our slip at the marina, we will begin our adventure tomorrow. We’ve lived on the boat for about a month this summer, doing many projects in preparation for leaving. Some include repairing a shower floor, replacing all lights with energy-efficient LED lighting, ordering a pair of big bumpers to use in locks, new lines, and enclosing the fly bridge along with annual maintenance and lesser updates. It feels like home.

Our friends and family have been most remarkable and supportive of this adventure and that makes all the difference in the world. Our son’s, Jacob and Ben, are helping with mail, vehicles and the miscellaneous. That helps so much. We have seen almost all of our friends over the past few weeks and truly enjoyed Bummer’s 38th Annual Corn Roast yesterday which turned into a Bon Voyage party for us. It was the most touching, humbling and overwhelming experience I’ve ever had, barring my wedding and the birth of my two boys. The party was complete with a video collage of some of our precious adventures, cards and a wonderfully decorated cake from Goobers Bakery in Muskegon … and lots and lots of corn. A few last-minute folks plan to stop by today before we officially shove off tomorrow, Monday August 18th.

We plan to head north to Frankfort and cross the lake when weather permits. Looks like good weather so we’ll see how far we get.

Many, many thanks to all those who have buoyed us through to get to this point, the wonderful dinners, parties and well wishes and to our family and friends … we love you. CLM


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