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Water Communities



It’s been a week since we left Grand Haven. Seven days and five ports. Manistee, MI, Sturgeon Bay, Egg Harbor, Sisters Bay and Detroit Harbor, Washington Island, all in Wisconsin. Medium to small towns working away, tourist focused, raising families and living life the best they know how. It’s a good thing to take a little time in each to look, and then to really see, what they are, these little chunks of humanity.










Friendly seems to be what ties them together. People talk and smile and look and share and laugh. They give horsey back rides to the littlest ones or strap on a PFD on the bigger ones and take them for a jet ski ride. They walk their dogs, play Frisbee, do their job, paddle board and enjoy nature while it’s still here to enjoy. They also appreciate each other while those near them are still there to enjoy. The youngers offering assistance to the olders, all the while enjoying each other, with the niggling knowledge that everyone’s days are numbered no matter what age you may be. But they all push on, keep their heads up as best they can and try to enjoy life’s blessings. Is this a Midwestern characteristic or a human community trait? I wonder.

No matter where you are folks come together as community, say, when your dog falls in the water. Immediate community concern surfaces for a canine paddling away trying to find purchase to climb out of the cold water. Scared looks on faces you’ve never seen before, offers of help, assistance or even to jump in. Boats stop and everyone pitches in, all because the silly animal refused to obey and ended up in the drink. Some lessons are hard learned …or never learned. But that’s life for human and beast and every creature in between. When there’s trouble we all pitch in to help out. It’s really simple and it’s really what community is all about. And you are thankful when all turns out well, or sad when the situation dictates. Could it be that as humans in communities we are starting to forget that sort of thing? I’ll leave that for you to ponder – or not.

So far it’s been enjoyable, uneventful and relaxing. It’s been a pleasure to have the chance to look, as well as see, life while living it. Blessings, Admiral Dearest



P.S. Due to spotty WiFi this is being posted a few days later.


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