Book Reviews

Book Review; “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel copyright 2001

I haven’t seen the movie.

What I knew of the book or the story is what I saw in trailers or heard second-hand from others. (One lady I had never met before insisted on telling me the complete story all while I was making a selection from a movie kiosk.)life-of-pi

The book was loaned to me by my oldest son, who described it as starts slow but it turned out to be a pretty good book. Then told me that maybe this book isn’t the best to read while on a boat trip, “The ship sinks.” he told me. The book did what he said and we are still floating. Toots, my Richard Parker, and I have power struggles but usually just over who gets to lay on the couch, and when the next treat will be doled out. (For those of you that haven’t read the book or seen the movie, Richard Parker is the name of the tiger.)

Every book has to start. Some start with a hook that get you so involved that you feel like you have to keep reading. “Life of Pi” kind of eased into the story. Without all the hoopla of a movie it might have been more enjoyable. Yann Martel tells a pretty good story and I enjoyed how the boy, Piscine,(pronounced Pie seen) wanted more out of religion than what was offered by a single philosophy, grew up in a zoo, and why and how he became known as Pi. The back-story was as interesting as the part on the boat.

Pi’s later story relates well with other books I have read about people who have been either shipwrecked or stranded at sea or just without means of regular meals. Later in life they hoard food, and will have stashes of food everywhere.

I also felt it very realistic that his story was not believed by the interviewers, and he had to make up another story for their records, or was his made up story the real truth and the main part of the book just a hallucination of a young starving mind. At times I thought the actions of Pi were too mature for a boy of 16. Especially how he questioned and defied the interviewers and their beliefs.

A pretty good read, maybe a bit spoiled by all the interest in the movie that gave away much of the story, but still worth the time.

Next up; “A Fatal Grace” by Louise Penny. Since I’ve gotten out-of-order in the Chief Inspector Gamache series, I had better get caught up and back on track.

Until next time, we are in Menominee, Michigan at the Municipal Marina. It’s very nice and we had a few things we needed to get done so decided to stay complete some jobs and wait out the storms that are forecast for later in the week. We hope to set off again toward Chicago on Sunday the 31st and work our way down the coast of Wisconsin while dodging storms.


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