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Book Review; “ A Fatal Grace”, by Louise Penny copyright 2006

What better way to for a mystery to develop. A woman is electrocuted during a curling event in a small town. Some of my favorite things. I’ve been ready to murder people during curling matches, so I could relate.A-Fatal-Grace-Penny-Louise-9780312541163

Louise Penny’s second in her Chief Inspector Gamache series, has the inspector and his team working to solve a murder in the town of Three Pines. In addition to prime murder, Gamache is also looking into the murder of a street person in Montreal. They have there similarities, neither victim has used their real name, and for different reasons no one seems to care that the murders occurred. During the investigation Gamache’s team gets some incite into mental illness, neglectful and abusive parents, and the homeless. While dealing with a hard Canadian winter that has become a character in it’s own. Louise Penny shows the faults and insecurities of her characters that make them believable and I find them easy to relate with.

I recommend the Chief Inspector Gamache series anyway you want to read or listen, and in whatever order you find a copy. They may relate better to someone close to my own age bracket, later boomer, but I think there is something for everyone in each of the books.

I had mentioned previously in an earlier review of Penny’s 3rd book in the series “The Cruelest Month”, that I had hoped that I didn’t ruin the second by reading it out of order, it didn’t. All of the Louise Penny books, I felt, stand alone, and could be read in any order. I do hope to find the next book in the series and do not have to jump around.

It has been suggested to me if I listened to books it would be easier to understand the French used in the Penny books, but I am getting better and it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing more than just reading for entertainment. Plus I like the feel of the book in my hands.

It has been a bit difficult to find books while traveling. It seems that due to the availability of books electronically many of the marinas have eliminated the “Put and Take” libraries. Maybe I’m going to have to break down and ask for a Kindle or something like it of my own for Yule Tide. I’m afraid I might spend extra when they are so easy to upload.

Up next, in honor of all the spiders we have had this season on the boat, I am reading “The Cobweb” by Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George, If it’s anything like the last Stephenson book I read I’m in for a real treat.

Until next time, we are traveling down the east coast of Wisconsin and are having a great time and have seen many interesting sights. Thanks to all who have commented and are following us as we move about.


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