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Book Review; The Cobweb, Neil Stephenson & J. Frederick George copyright 1996

After reading “Cryptonomicon”, by Neil Stephenson I mentioned to the friend that suggested Stephenson’s books that I really enjoyed the story and his writing. I was told to wait a minute and he left the room and came back with “Snow Crash” and three others. I had read “Snow Crash” a couple of years before, in fact I had borrowed my friend’s book. Dick brought out the paperbacks knowing that we were leaving and I think they are books that if they didn’t get returned he would survive the loss.Cobweb I will do my best to get these back to you.

Neil Stephenson introduces characters from different parts of the world and different backgrounds. “The Cobweb” is set in 1990 and has to do with the time preceding and during the Gulf War. Stephenson’s characters are from the middle east, middle America, and Washington D.C.. Stephenson does an exceptional job bringing everyone together and connecting the individual factors of the story into a great novel. To be accurate he makes the characters believable.

I’ve become a fan of Neil Stephenson. Whether J. Frederick George contributes to the writing or is mainly a researcher the combination of the two, I found enjoyable, and had a hard time putting down the book.

Up next, another by Stephenson and George, “Interface”. Written and published under the pseudonym Stephen Bury in 1994. Like all of the books I have read by author Neil Stephenson, “Interface” is ahead of its time. His descriptions of what from the time of writing would be the future are spot on.

Until next time, we are continuing our travels. I should be posting an update of our trip down the Wisconsin eastern shoreline in the next couple of days.

Thanks to all who are reading along and to the new followers of the Blog, thanks for following. Hope you enjoy the journey, we are.


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