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Book Review, “Interface” by Neal Stephenson & J. Frederick George, copyright 1994

Another of the group that were loaned to my by my friend in Grand Haven. “Interface” chronicles a presidential race that has three contenders for the office, however, one candidate can’t lose. A microchip planted into his brain after a stroke now can receive transmissions that let the man know exactly how the public is viewing his actions. As with other books by Neal Stephenson his views and outlooks are well before his time. The actions of this shadowy group of investors seems too true and believable.Interface

“Interface” has characters that are geeks, athletes, veterans, lawyers, politicians and sons and daughters. One major character is Eleanor who was raised with strict family values. Eleanor knows work, she is a college graduate that has teenage children and now has lost her job, her husband, and her home. Basically she has turned into a bag lady that is trying to keep her children from being homeless. She still is trying to raise her children with the same values she had been raised with. She needs to let her kids know that she is still the parent and parents take care of their kids.

Another character is Mary Catherine Cozzano, daughter of the Governor of Illinois, Mary Catherine a doctor in her own right still feels that she is not good enough for her father. Especially since her mother has passed away and Mary Catherine is now considered the matriarch of a large Italian family.

“Interface” is science fiction that sucks you into a very plausible situation. Not an intense thriller that has you on the edge, but a suspense novel that keeps you wanting to figure out how and who are really pulling the strings in a presidential election.

Up next, “The Perfect Ghost” by Linda Barnes.

Until next time, we are continuing our adventure on the mid-western rivers. Right now we have been held up due to flooding on the Mississippi. As of this writing it looks like the weather and water are beginning to loosen and boats are starting to move again. We plan to move on tomorrow and in a couple of long days we should be in Grafton IL where the Illinois River and the Mississippi Rivers combine. Once in Grafton we will be picking up mail and catching up on laundry, shopping, and the regular duties required on board the boat.

We have recently celebrated Toot’s 14th birthday, Dearest and my 33rd wedding anniversary, and shortly Cynthia’s birthday. It is difficult sometimes to celebrate on the exact date of the birthday or anniversary and we take our celebrations when we can. Now it will be a celebration just to be back moving again. We all get a bit antsy after a few days in the same place. We are meeting many other Loopers that are at all stages of their journey. It has been quite the adventure. We will keep you posted

Until next time, see y’all down stream.


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