Some additional pictures

It seemed that we were missing some pictures when I posted the last couple of updates. I found them on Cynthia’s phone so I will add some pictures and not a lot of writing to this entry.

We passed the Palmer Johnson facility in Sturgeon Bay, WI and this was being fitted out and prepared for sea trials. The locals all knew about it and were more than willing to let us know all about it. Seemed that most of the stories or rumors we close to the same.  The story goes that the yacht is owned by a Russian that lives in Texas. The boat will be delivered to Texas and then the owner will got to Russia. Seems he is not allowed to return but his wife is, so while she visits family he will stay on the yacht outside the border.

This is a production yacht they make 2 other larger sizes

This is a production yacht they make 2 other larger sizes

Rumored to cost in excess of $60 million

Rumored to cost in excess of $60 million








More of the Chicago Skyline and the riverfront.

Chicago Skyline (2)

The Skyline while approaching from the North






Chicago riverfront

A look up river

Chicago riverfront (3)

From under the bridge



Trump Tower

Trump Tower













The members of the IVY Club in Peoria Illinois had a Rib Fest and invited us to attend.

Rib fest Ivy club

Some contestants arrived at 0500 to begin the cooking


Rib fest Ivy Club (8)

Cynthia and I pooled our plates







Rib fest Ivy Club (6)

I am fond of a good dry rub

Rib fest Ivy Club (5)

These won 1st prize

Rib fest Ivy Club (4)

The cooked more than just ribs

Rib fest Ivy Club (3)

1st Place Team








Rib fest Ivy Club (2)

A good wet sauce is good also

Peoria is preparing for October Fest this weekend and the tents are ready for the crowds. The docks are free and a few of the boats leaving the Ivy Club this morning were going to set up at the dock for the weekend.

Peoria's Waterfront

Peoria’s Waterfront


Steamboat excursion boat The replica steamboat had excursions that would come up the lake. Dinner cruises would come by the Ivy Club at night and be all lit up.











While in the area I called Caterpillar about my engines and spoke for about 45 minutes. They were very helpful and offered plenty of advise.

Caterpillar Headquarters

Caterpillar headquarters


Peoria Lock and Dam


The entry to the left is the lock


The Wicket dam out side Peoria was open, due to the flooding, and we were able to pass right over were able to pass right over the dam. We have one more lock to pass before we get to Grafton and the Mississippi River.




Some of the flooding, over the wall at the lock

Some of the flooding, over the wall at the lock


I could tie to that


THERE, is the No Wake Zone buoy





Farther down river we saw this barge in the No Wake Zone.




We arrived at Tall Timbers Marina in Havana Illinois. Reminds me of an old HBO movie “Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss”. The marina is a little tight to get into and with the flooding the entrance is not really recognizable, but we got in and turned around. We are ready for a big push tomorrow of 120 miles to Grafton, IL. We will be there until all the mail catches up with us. Then onto the Mississippi and past St. Louis.


View out the starboard door

View out the port door

View out the port door











Store and office, only open part-time.

Almost forgot, Dearest asked that I post this next picture. She has a friend that this tow boat was named after.


Tow Boat Mary Ellen

Until next time, hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we are enjoying taking them.



2 thoughts on “Some additional pictures

  1. Pat Barker says:

    I am glad to see your pictures and know you are having a great time on your journey. I will continue to watch your blog. Send my best to Cynthia.

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