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Book Review; “The Perfect Ghost” by Linda Barnes & “A Nose for Murder” by Lee Charles Kelley

I’ve been running behind in all the blog entries. Seems like life on the rivers needs constant attention to detail and with some personal business getting completed regular entries are a thing of the past. It was supposed to be fun after all. But I will have some cruising editions coming that I think are going to be fun.

“The Perfect Ghost” by Linda Barnes copyright 2013 was a book loaned to Cynthia by a friend that I picked up and thought I would try. The book is about an insecure young lady. She a member of a pair of biographers, the other member of the team is an older college professor that is great on the talk shows and interviews while she is the writer that works more behind the scenes. Emily, our main character is prone to having anxiety attacks and feinting spells when in a tight spot. Perfect Ghost
Emily does seem to overcome much of her anxieties during the book while being forced by the death of her partner to finish a biography of a famous actor/director.

As I read I expected something to happen to get the book going, however, it never seemed to take off. I had guessed how it would end by about half way through and waited for the author, Linda Barnes, to move in another direction or add some kind of action. Ms Barnes wraps the book in the last chapter after 280 pages of boring dialog and story. Ms Barnes is the author of 16 other novels, but if they are like this one I will not be looking for any of the titles.

Check it out and see if you feel I’m wrong and way off base. Maybe I’m too used to action packed adventures or mysteries. But Jeez, even the sex scenes were dull.

“A Nose for Murder” by Lee Charles Kelley copyright 2003. The first of a series of mysteries with the characters Jack Field and ex-cop turned dog trainer and his lovely lady friend Dr. Jamie Cutter.

Field a Cutter have become a couple in the months that Field has moved from New York City where he was a very competent detective. He just got tired of having to deal with all the people and the judicial system. He has now moved to Maine where all he wants to do is have a kennel and train dogs. At least that’s what he tells people. In his dog training he uses different techniques that although they work very well some people find his training methods difficult to accept. His love interest Dr. Cutter is also a very competent doctor but she really likes being a Medical Examiner. The two work together to solve a murder of a local woman. The murders only witness being the victims Airedale dog, Ginger. That just happened to be trained by Field.Nose for Murder

Kelley uses a Fields smart ass comments to give the book some humor while working through the mystery and the plot. I enjoyed the book and finished in a couple of days. I will look for others in the series.

Up next, “The Killing Hour” by Lisa Gardner. So far its pretty good but I’m still just getting into it.

We’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and meeting some very interesting people. I hope have a blog about some of them soon.

Until then we are being vigilant and safe. Toots seems to be enjoying most of the trip also. However I don’t think she likes being hoisted from the boat to the dinghy. But she is getting used to the procedure, and the hoist saves my back.


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