Book Reviews

Book Review; The Killing Hour, by Lisa Gardner copyright2003.

Passed along by a fellow Looper. I found “The Killing Hour” a quick and suspenseful read. Ms Gardner’s characters are flawed and are dealing with problems of their own. The female lead, Kimberly Quincy lost her mother and sister to a killer. Now she has been accepted to the FBI training academy and although physically and mentally she is more than capable. But she has trouble fitting in and is having trouble with authority. She is living in the shadow of her father Pierce Quincy, a former FBI profiler.the-killing-hour-pb

Now instead of joining fellow trainees in a study session she has gone to train by herself. While fighting off an anxiety attach she finds a body of a young co-ed. Dumped on the FBI training grounds. Who is in charge, who has the murder thumbed their nose at, when will the murderer strike next. Bring in Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Mac McCormack, telling everyone that this is not just a random killing and that there are other women that have been kidnapped.

Authority figures abound and who is in charge while jurisdiction is being hashed out Mac and Kimberly search for other victims that could still be alive.

The book kept me interested through out and Gardner keeps the reader wondering what will this psycho think of next to keep the people looking for him in the dark, and who is this mysterious caller that keeps giving hints to who the killer is.

Worth the read and I will read other books by the author.

Up next “Polar Shift, a NUMA Files adventure by Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos.


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