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Book Review; “Polar Shift” by Clive Cussler w/ Paul Kemprecos copyright 2005

Here’s is another book exchange great. I’ve always enjoyed Clive Cussler’s NUMA adventures. Dirk Pitt is one of my favorites and the spin offs are just as good. “Polar Shift” is a Kurt Austin Adventure from the NUMA files. PolarShiftcover

I found many of the themes in “Polar Shift” to be right up my alley. I’ve read books about rogue waves, Nicoli Tesla is one of my hero’s, and magnetism is something that I’ve made a living from. All these plus good guys, bad guys, mysterious bad guys (that are really good guys) and beautiful women, make an adventure novel everything I’ve ever wanted.

“Polar Shift” like all Cussler novels reads fast and keeps the reader entertained throughout. The good guys win in the end after being thwarted throughout the story by the bad guys. This is not heavy intellectual reading but just plain fun.

Cussler’s hero Kurt Austin is asked to assist NOAA scientists in finding a ship that was sunk by a rogue wave. Austin and his pal Joe Zavala are now on board ship and doing research into the lost ship when one of NUMA’s ships and some other friends of Austin are trapped in a the vortex of a giant whirlpool. The hero’s figure that these occurences are not naturally caused and that some evil persons are causing catastrophes that could end the world. Bring in the beautiful scientist whose Grandfather had studied the earth’s electromagnetic flow while being held captive by Nazis  during World War II and the story builds from there.

I like how Cussler has allowed his characters to age over the years. Always enjoyable. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

Up next, something all together different, “The Husband’s Secret” by Liane Moriarty. Loaned to Dearest by a friend, I’ve seen it on our shelf then again in an ad for Amazon, so, thought I’d read it and make room for something else. Will see how it pans out.

Until next time, Dearest, Toots, and I are at the AGLCA fall rendezvous in Alabama. We’ve made our scheduled stop and after a week of visiting with other Loopers and telling stories we will start our journey again. I’ve got plenty of ideas for Cruising posts, we will see if we can keep everyone on the edge of their seats like a good Clive Cussler novel.



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