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Book Review; “Mounting Fears” by Stuart Woods copyright 2009

I am familiar with Stuart Woods and the Stone Barrington series, but this is the first book in the Will Lee series.

To be up front, I had decided that I had read all the Stuart Woods books that I wanted too. I was beginning to tire of the Stone Barrington character. When I found this book my on the boat library was getting close to being read and I grabbed an author that I new would give me a quick and easy read, while keeping me interested. Mounting Fears

The book did read fast and kept me interested, however, it is pretty much along the same plot as all the others. Woods must be a flier because all his main characters are pilots. Woods’ characters have beautiful women offering sexual advances that in my sheltered life would never happen. So not only are the books mysteries but also fantasy. The male characters need to show some self-control instead they are led by their second brain. Maybe this Woods’ books are more realistic than I thought. I found the character, William Lee, so nice and straight forward that he was unbelievable. Sort of a “West Wing” president. He is the nicest guy and knows how to handle every situation. Maybe what we all want in a leader.

While running for a second term as president of the United States, Will Lee has to deal with a VP that has cancer, a missing nuclear warhead in the Pakistani mountains, a new running mate that is a “horn dog” and is in the middle of a messy divorce. All while keeping his advisers and Cabinet members from running around waving their hands in the air. Plus the presidents wife, just happens to be the head of the CIA. Like that would ever happen.

Face the facts, “Mounting Fears”, like all of Stuart Woods books are for guys. I think most women would just roll their eyes. But I may be wrong. It would not be the first time.

Next up, Zodiac by Neil Stephenson


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