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Book Review; “The Husband’s Secret” By Liane Moriarty copyright 2013

This was another book loaned to my wife, Cynthia, by our friend. In the past our friend, Hilly and I have had completely different views on some of the books we have read.
I wasn’t going to read “The Husband’s Secret” just for that reason. But my library of books on the boat was getting thin and I happened to see “The Husband’s Secret” on an ad for Amazon, so I picked it up and began.

the-husbands-secret1The first thing I noticed is that the book is set in Australia. The characters are preparing to celebrate the Easter Holiday and it is in the Fall. (Southern hemisphere, seasons are opposite ours in the United States.) I enjoyed the change. The second item of notice was, author Liane Moriarty revels the secret less than half way through the book. Now you have to keep reading to see how the characters complete the story.

In the beginning I wondered how author Moriarty was going to bring her characters together into one story and complete the mystery. It is a good story that in the end gives you a look into what might have happened if just one or two things happened differently.

I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. Although, not my first pick for a read I found that I would probably read the authors other books.

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