Book Reviews

Book Reviews; Catching up

With the snow coming in Michigan and colder temperatures dipping way to far into the south, I would usually be snuggling up in a comfy chair with a book. Our change of lifestyle has slowed the idle days of reading. Although we tend to stay put when the temperature drops below the freezing mark there is still plenty to keep me occupied.

While here in Columbus, Mississippi we have toured antebellum homes, visited with relation of good friends and, watch for a weather windows when we can continue our moving southward. It looks like the next few days will be good for traveling. Sunny and cold for the first day and a scheduled marina stop with power for the heaters. Day 2 is an anchor out and temps will remain above freezing. Which means we wont have to run the generator all night for heaters. Then on to Demopolis, Alabama and a wait for mail. (I’m still trying to replace the glasses I dropped over the side in Chattanooga.)

Now this post is supposed to be about books, and although my reading schedule has slowed I still am reading. I have completed three books since the last book post and will put them all together with short reviews. If you want more information you can always look up the titles on Goodreads, Amazon, or one of the many other book related web sites.

Like I’ve said before I don’t usually buy new books. The books I read I get from used book stores or lately from other boaters or in marina “put and take” libraries. So, new titles are not usually what you will see from me. I don’t do audio books, they just don’t fit my lifestyle and I haven’t moved to an electronic book, yet. Maybe an I-pad thing eventually, but my oldest son tells me that one would be more of a frustration for me than what I need. Seems he doubts my technological skills, and he is probably correct.

Well back to the reviews;


“The Stargazey” by Martha Grimes copyright 1998
A British mystery novel, and if you’ve read any of my reviews you will know I like these. I enjoyed the book, it reminded me of something one might see on PBS. I would read other novels by Martha Grimes

Poseiden's Arrow

“Poseidon’s Arrow” by Clive and Dirk Cussler copyright 2012 (hardcover)
I have moved away from hardcover books just because the soft covers are easier to hold while reclining. Since my first Dirk Pitt book I have always enjoyed the stories. But now Dirk is getting to old to be accomplishing some of the tasks that he is required. The character has aged but not the super hero gymnastics that Dirk is expected to handle everyday. An older person just doesn’t bounce back the way Dirk Pitt does. I know, he is a fictional character, but what makes a fictional character believable is the reality that is given to him. Still it’s Dirk Pitt and NUMA and bad guys and good guys. A fun quick read. Now let the kids take over, it’s a natural thing to do.

Started Early took my dog

“Started Early, Took My Dog” by Kate Atkinson copyright 2011
Kate Atkinson lives in Edinburgh, I pretty sure that’s Scotland. The book takes place in Britain and is part of a series of books that feature the private detective Jackson Brodie. It could be considered a standalone book because I enjoyed the book even though it is the first of Atkinson’s books I have read. This book gives enough information on what has previously happened in Jackson Brodie’s life to make me want to find other books by Atkinson to read the earlier stories. Good book but it kind of gave me a let down at the end and a feeling that the author is just preparing for the next in the series. If it was a movie I would say she left it open for the sequel.

That’s it for now, I am way behind the goal I set for this years reading and even farther behind my personal best in a years read. But life has given us a great opportunity to explore new places and experience great, small and large towns and extraordinary places. We are on the trip of a lifetime and enjoying all of it, even the cold. But the sun will come out tomorrow. (I’ve heard that some where before.) And even with the cold the sun makes it a better day to be traveling on the river.

Next up “Coup D’etat” by Ben Coes

Until next time, we have visited antebellum plantation mansions, cotton gins, BBQ, Catfish farms, Air Force flight school fly overs, and a library with a gallows, all in the last 5 days. What could be next, just around the river bend? (Seems I’ve heard that before, also.)


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