Low Country Hospitality

When traveling we use whatever we can find for information on different places to stay. One of our go to books is the Waterway Guide. The guide gives information on marinas, anchorages, and some hazards along the ICW (Inter-Coastal Waterway). The guide also has information on the areas restaurants and local attractions.

When it came to McClellanville, SC, the guide said you would receive Low Country Hospitality. It also said that it could be shallow getting into the marina and because of this I think many people skip the stop.

Jeremy River Shrimp Fleet McClellanville SC

Jeremy River Shrimp Fleet McClellanville SC

McClellanville has a shrimp fleet, so, I figured if shrimp boats go in and out of Jeremy Creek we should be able to get into the harbor without much trouble. We called ahead to make sure there would be room for us on the dock and were assured plenty of room and water, when the tide is up. Servicing the local shrimp fleet is Leland Oil Company, more just a dock rather than a marina. We were met at the dock by Rutledge or just Rhett. (We really are in the South).

Shaded lane

Shaded lane

The weather this spring has been hot. With temps in the high 90’s and even into the 100’s on occasion. This means when I walk I look for shade at the same time. I’ve crossed the street many times to find shade to make it more comfortable to walk. Which brought us on our path to McClellanville’s Deer Head live oak a tree that is over 1000 years old. Called the “Deer Oak” because supposedly, you can see a silhouette of a deer and antlers in the shape of the tree. I myself could not see it but Dearest said, “if you use your imagination and hold your head just so, it’s there.” Even without seeing the deer, the tree is impressive.

Deer Head live oak's trunk is over 36 feet.

Deer Head live oak’s trunk is over 36 feet.

Deer Head live oak 1000 years old

Deer Head live oak 1000 years old

We were told that the local restaurant, T.W Graham and Co. Seafood Company, had good food and was not a long walk from the marina. We were not disappointed. I had Flounder, not just a fillet but a whole fish that covered the plate. Food was very good and people came from all around to eat there.

T.W Graham and Co. Seafood Company

T.W Graham and Co. Seafood Company

While at the main office picnic table under another huge tree we sat and talked with locals about what was happening in the area. It’s there that we met Miss Pam, former shrimp captain, now gentlewoman farmer. Cynthia, Miss Pam and others sat in the shade, and talked of old times like they had known each other for years rather than hours. It was joked that because Miss Pam lived west of highway 17 she was much more cosmopolitan than the poor folk that lived closer to the water.

Cynthia and Miss Pam

Cynthia and Miss Pam

Highway 17 runs along the coast from Norfolk to Charleston through the “low country” of South Carolina. A Dollar Store opened recently nearby on 17. The store had soon become a meeting place for all the locals. Miss Pam mentioned that she needed to head to the store to pick up tortillas and as all good neighbors Cynthia said she had some on board and she was welcome to them if it would save her the trip. She accepted graciously and we though no more of it. The next morning about 8:00 o’clock we had a knock on the boat and Miss Pam was there with a quart of fresh picked berries and ½ dozen summer squash.

Truly a pleasant stop.IMG_9744

Just a couple of other things to mention about McClellanville. While we were still floating at low tide. The boats on the inside of the dock were sitting on the bottom.

There is also an old Forest Service building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s located close to the small museum.

As a joke we have always said that if people start to know you or ask directions and we can tell them correctly, it’s time to leave. On the way back from the restaurant a car stopped and asked if I knew where the High School was. Earlier I had seen a sign pointing toward the school. I gave the lady directions and then told Dearest it was time for us to go.

Until next time enjoy the people around you whether you know them or not.


3 thoughts on “Low Country Hospitality

  1. Lorna says:

    Made note of this restaurant. My sister and I are traveling to the east coast in September. Love to you both. I had to put Shortie down a few weeks ago. Not a fun time.

    • Lorna, Just now saw the comment about Shortie. So sorry. As you know we did the same with Toots just recently. This part of being a pet owner is hard. Let us know when you are on the coast. Maybe we will be somewhere we can connect.

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