House sitting

As part of the adventure we were able to house sit for new friends, here is Cynthia’s version. I grabbed it from an email she sent.

Now as for the house-sitting gig. What fun. We had a big house

all to ourselves with a number of “assignments”. Three dogs, and inside Yorkie dog, “Mr. Disco”, two outside dogs, an American Bulldog, “Mr. Spicolli”, and an antisocial feral dog of unknown breed called Jake E. Jake. No I am not making up these names, these are what they are called. Plus there was a big 32 year old Thoroughbred horse named A.J. What a circus. We took care of them all and had a good time, for the most part, Byron also changed a number of light fixtures for the owners to more updated styles. I had the job of re-potting a number of houseplants and enjoyed every minute of it. We had television and got to see the Super Bowl, and Disco slept in bed with us. Spicolli, the big, good and thoroughly goofy dog is stronger than he realizes, and beat me up when I tried to love on him. He needs manners, and a “nut job” but what a gorgeous guy he is. Jake E. just is the background guy, but don’t touch his food, and A.J. Just enjoys sunshine, apples and carrots, and the two hounds. It was fun rattling around and exploring Hartsville, SC for a while. We visited Darlington Raceway, went to the museum and had some of the very best down home cooking.

Short and to the point, that’s why she is a professional.

Until next time, I will try to be more prompt.


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