High Tide / Low Tide

Growing up on the Great Lakes, tides were something that we learned about in science class. Something about the moon and gravity causing the water depth to change.
Now on our great adventure we have experienced tides first hand.

The best thing that has happened for us are floating docks. Floaters keep us and the boat at the same level as the water. They make it easier to tie the boat and get on and off.

Here at Lightkeepers Marina in Little River, SC our biggest worry with the tides are getting from the floating docks to the shore. Sometimes the ramp is an easy climb sometimes it feels like we are climbing a mountain.


Low tide, get a running start.


High tide, a nice easy climb

To get an idea of the change in water levels, look at the plant on the wall.

Here in Little River we have about 4-1/2 foot tides. We’ve stayed in marinas where there was very little change in depth and we’ve also been in marinas where we ended up sitting in the mud.

It’s always an adventure.


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