Restarting the Journey (Can’t Stop Believing)


We stopped at Lightkeepers Marina in Little River, SC in October of 2015. It was supposed to be just for a long weekend to visit with friends we met in the Spring. Now 5-1/2 months later we are getting ready to move again.

During our time here in Little River, SC we’ve met some very nice people and developed friendships that will last for our lifetimes.

Cynthia and I both have bittersweet emotions about restarting our adventures. It’s almost like beginning again. When we left Grand Haven, MI in August of 2014, (do you believe how long it’s been) we were apprehensive about our journey but excited about the adventure. Now we find ourselves having the same feelings. We are looking forward to more adventures and seeing new sights but leaving our good friends is hard.

We’ve been blessed to meet and enjoy everyone’s company, but now it’s time to reconnect with old friends, even if it’s only for a short time. Yes a short time, we plan to leave the Grand Haven area and head back South again. We live on the boat and need to follow the warm weather.

Over the winter months we’ve explored the area and found that we still have plenty to see. We have visited gardens, coastlines, haunted restaurants, and a historic NASCAR racetrack.


Brentwood Wine Bistro


Darlington Raceway Museum

We’ve spent holidays with new friends, and had a surprise visit from our oldest son. We’ve even joined a health and fitness center.

We always said that if we knew a place well enough that we didn’t need to ask directions it was time to leave. Well for the most part that’s what has happened. We can find most of what we need in our little area without asking, so it’s time to move on.

In preparations for starting we’ve checked and run the engines, filled water tanks, pumped the head, and looked for the best fuel prices, about 100 miles north of here.

We’ve been doing other jobs, varnishing teak, washing decks, checking the dinghy, and all the regular activities, taxes, meds, last-minute on-line orders, and saying goodbyes.

Some will be harder than others.

As luck would have it and the time of year what it is, other cruisers and Loopers are beginning their pilgrimages also, we’ve heard from fellow cruisers and many are moving through the area or on their way, so as we say goodbye to new friends we will picking up with others we haven’t seen in sometime.

Our long-range goal is to “cross our wake” in Grand Haven, MI and earn our Gold Looper Flag. Our short-term goal is to leave the dock. Cynthia was reminded of a Girl Scout motto, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, the other gold.”

We are off to seek new friendship treasures, watch for further updates.



7 thoughts on “Restarting the Journey (Can’t Stop Believing)

  1. Cathy Bolthouse says:

    Byron, I absolutely love reading your stories about yours and Cynthia’s adventures n travels, thanks so much for sharing them!! My former partner, Peter, and I learned to sail in NC, then explored the Maine coastline and islands in our 30′ beamy (=doesn’t tip easily and roomy down under!) Hunter. A VERY different experience than sailing off NC, as is your type of cruising! Adventurous, fun, hair-raising at times and NOTHING like it. So I can relate to a lot of your adventures. I’m excited to hear you love it so much that you guys will continue. It’s in your bones now! 🙂 Good for you guys, congrats on finding a mutual passion that will keep you young, make you many good friends, and create wonderful memories and the stories that hopefully you will keep sharing!! Hugs, Cath

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