Springing Forward, Adagio (slow & easy)

We left Little River with high hopes of temps in the mid to upper 70’s and clear skies.

Something must have happened. Although we have some good weather it seems we have to wait for it. After 5 months in a marina it’s hard to be patient. We want to get into the New York canal system by June. This seems possible, the NY canals are open now, and the Canadian canals open May 20th.

I keep telling myself “it’s not a race. Do not get in a hurry. When you get in a hurry, things happen that are not good.” The worst thing for a boater is to have is a schedule. A schedule can get you in trouble fast. Pushing to beat a storm front or a wind change can only cause undo stress and some very unpleasant cruising.

That is why we have found ourselves in Hampton, VA. Forecasts call for winds from the NE and waves (depending on which forecast we look at) anywhere from 2-3′ to close to 5′, with thunder storms and rain predicted. I don’t mind traveling in rain if it happens, but I shy away from thunder storms. The boat can handle a lot. It’s the crew that doesn’t like banging for hours into waves or dark ominous clouds.

So far we have been held up by wind and weather twice. Once in Morehead City, NC, just across the river from Beaufort (pronounced Bo-fort) NC, and now in Hampton VA. Both stays have given us the chance to explore new areas.

 Beaufort is known for being a regular stop for the pirate Black Beard and his ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. The Revenge has been found just off the coast and is being excavated. The Beaufort Maritime Museum has a large display of artifacts, no photographs allowed, brought to the surface from Black Beard’s flagship. We were able to spend a day in Beaufort just looking around, we toured the museum , the waterfront, and the burial grounds. 019

We met other boaters waiting for the wind and a quick camaraderie was formed with drinks and snacks enjoyed on the “Libido Deck” of Bright Angel. It’s funny how close friendships can be formed in such a short time. We all had dinner together and introduced our new friends to other Loopers like Bob and his dog Duncan from El Nido and Mike and Marian on Midas Touch.


Mike & Marian of Midas Touch. Midas the Golden Retriever stayed on board


Trish & Rob also from Maine and on the right Bob of El Nido



Crew of “Grace” traveling to Maine and my nose



Plenty of information was shared and a good time was had by all. Some of our new friends left Morehead City, what we thought was a day or two too early and from reports suffered a difficult crossing of the Neuse River. We waited another 2 days then headed for the Neuse.


Nuese River


Entering the Pamlico River, Smoo00th


We were glad we held up for the additional days. Our crossing was one of the best and we made a long day of it and pushed across the Pamlico River and up the Pungo to spend the night at a marina in Dowrey Creek NC. We pushed on again in the morning on the Alligator River and across the  Albemarle Sound. We again were blessed with light winds and seas of less than two feet on Albermarle Sound. Which made our ability to scan for crab pots more easy. We arrived in Elizabeth City NC after 10 hours of travel. In Elizabeth City we took a couple of days to rest and ready for the trip up the Pasquatank Riverand  back into Dismal Swamp Canal to the Elizabeth River, past Norfolk VA and on across Hampton Roads  to Hampton Public Piers.

In Hampton, Cynthia was able to see a chiropractor that helped her before, and  after a couple of visits Cynthia is feeling much better. We’ve cleaned the boat, accomplished a couple of small repairs. Now I’m catching up with the blog. It’s still raining and the winds out of the NE make the Bay choppy to say the least. But Hampton is a good place to be weathered in. Plenty to do, and lots to see.

Until next time, waiting for the winds to switch here in Hampton.


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