Entering New York Harbor

We arrived into New York harbor with the wind literally on our backs. That morning we made an early move from Staten Island with winds out of the Southwest at 15-20 mph and expected to grow during the day. We surfed under the Narrows bridge just behind a freighter.

Once under the bridge and inside the harbor our ride smoothed out but then moved into the next phase, ship traffic. Being early on Sunday morning, well early for us, about 9:00A.M. With the weather not the best, there was little in pleasure craft traffic, however this is New York. We found freighters anchored inside the harbor, tug boats moving about the harbor, and the Staten Island Ferry crossing in front.




With everything else happening, entering a harbor for the first time and all the traffic to be aware. The Statue of Liberty is right there. We made our bee line closer to get a better look. Careful to stay out-of-the-way of tour boats and ferrys, we crossed in front of Miss Liberty and proceeded up river with the skyline of Manhattan off the forward. 20160515_092148

Look! That’s the Brooklyn Bridge!

Oh My Gosh what an experience.

More to come.


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