Unexplored Territory

We’ve begun a new chapter in our adventure.

From Oxford Md, where we stopped to visit with friends we met during our time last summer we cut through Knapps Narrows between Tilghman Island and Maryland mainland and back out onto Chesapeake Bay. With the turn to the North, Bright Angel was in waters it had never been into before. We traveled past Annapolis, which we did a day trip last summer, thanks to Miss Dorothy. Then under the Bay bridge and past Baltimore.


The Bay Bridge just before Baltimore.


Heading up to the top of Chesapeake and towards the C & D canal, Chesapeake and Delaware. After a long day and 80 miles we stopped for the night at Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor.


While moving up the bay and toward Bohemia Bay the weather Gods gave us rain and diminishing visibility.

2016-05-11_11-08-06_341 - Copy

Still had depth and speed, but no chart graphics.


At the same time the chart plotter decided to hiccup and dropped us off the map, and of course here comes a freighter. We have paper charts, so we were able to tell where we were and with a little squinting we could see the freighter, they are quite big and the channel was wide. Just a little excitement for the day.


After talking with other travellers, it seems that the area we were passing through is sort of a dead spot and others have had the same problems with charts.

The next day we moved North and East and through the C & D canal into the Delaware River and Delaware City Marina. Both Cynthia and my first time in Delaware.


Central Hotel, Delaware City DE


With explicit directions we entered the old canal and Delaware City Marina. We were met by dock hands to help us onto the dock. Where before final tie off the Dock hands said with the current and the channel being narrow we usually turn the boats around by hand so it’s a straight shot out in the morning. We did so with ease and found ourselves ready to head out and down Delaware Bay in the morning and still have time to get the bikes out to explore Delaware City before dark.


On our exploration found this restoration shop that specialized in Thunderbird



Next morning had us up and headed the 60 miles down Delaware Bay and to Cape May NJ, another first for both Cynthia and myself.


Heading down Delaware Bay we passed this tug and barge.


More to come.


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