Old Montreal

We met S’ilVie and Simon Landreville in 2014 on the Tennessee River and as schedules work, we have bumped into each other while on our trip around the country.

 S’ilVie and Simon live on the island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. S’ilVie has always said that we must stop in Old Montreal so that they may show us around the city, “We French are more friendly than everyone thinks.” Anyone that has met the pair would not think them unfriendly. In fact we found most of the people we met in Quebec very friendly and more than patient with us non-french speaking Americans.


View of the Old Customs House from our slip at Yacht Club de Montreal


Upon our arrival in Montreal we contacted S & S and  would connect the following day. To familiarize  our selves with the area we took a double-deck bus tour around the island. This tour gave us the highlights of “Old Montreal”, “New Montreal”, and a ride up to the top of Mount Royal, the highest point in the area.


Good contrast of Old & New Montreal


One of the double-deck buses that we rode


We met S & S the next afternoon and walked to the first church. There are many churches in Old Montreal many established in the 18th century.


Then I asked Simon, “Are you hungry?” Yes! OK, show us where to eat.” Simon offered the best place in Old Montreal. We sat in a garden and enjoyed a meal and a bottle of wine. S’ilVie did the tasting and approved a nice bottle of white. What a place. Originally 3 buildings including the stable, now a 1st class restaurant.

From diner we walked to Notre Dame cathedral and around Old Montreal. A great afternoon and early evening enjoying friends and sights.


Not far from the Yacht Club is an amusement park with many activities for all ages.

We had a nice afternoon with friends with promises to meet again when we travel from Montreal to St. Anne de Bellevue on the Southwestern end of Montreal Island.


More to come.


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