Ellis and Liberty Islands

We had arrived. New York City. Now what? Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, NJ is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan and blocks from the 9/11 Memorial.

Ali, our dockhand, was very helpful. Not only helping us get into the dock on a windy day, but with plenty of advice for first time city visitors. Ali educated us to the best prices on the ferry across the river to New York and what to watch out for in Time Square. “If Spiderman approaches you wave him away, he wants money.” We didn’t see Spiderman but Elmo tried to get a picture with me.


On a blustery day we headed for Ellis Island and Liberty Island to get close up with the Statue.

We arrived on Ellis Island and Cynthia’s first comment was “It’s too peoply”. It was crowded and we were not used to crowds. But being a Monday and weather not really the most ideal the crowds were not as they could have been. Imagine what the immigrant people felt like with groups of about 4000 at a time moving into the “great hall”. On our visiting day the population of tourists was at least half that size. It left its impression on me.

Once onto Liberty Island we did the self-guided walking tour around the Statue. Along with hundreds of others we walked around the base of the statue listening to our tour on headsets. We were impressed by the multitude of nationalities and languages all there for the purpose of seeing this great statue. What it means for everyone is different, but the same. In the front of the statue we took pause to just look around at all the people and listen to the various dialects.IMG_1503


Being from a small mid-western town I was impressed. We returned to Liberty Landing Marina tired from our adventure and looking forward to what would come next.

More to come.


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