A Quick Trip To the Home Port

The Plan:

Make a fast trip back to Michigan to pick up Cynthia’s car, then back to the boat in time to see the eclipse.

The reality:

Bus ride to Michigan (see previous blog entry) Pick up the car, run errands, see as many friends and family as possible in 3 days. Then drive back to Kentucky. It makes for a busy few days.

Pictures will tell this story better than words.



Friday lunch with the old guys has expanded to ladies also

The Friday lunch started with getting together after golf and has expanded to a large group. Each week these friends get together at local restaurants. You never know who will show up, but it’s always a good group of friends.

Our travels had us downtown Grand Haven, MI running errands and a little hometown shopping.


Downtown Grand Haven, MI

Then dinner at Fricano’s Pizza. While there we had a quick visit from Cynthia’s friend, Hilary Burns.  Full of pizza we made a late night surprise stop at one of Cynthia’s oldest friends, Sindee Maxwell. Poor Sindee had a fall and wound up with a sling.



Comparing injuries





“Walk the Beat” has local bands play around the town. Donations go to help with the school music programs. Some of Cynthia’s oldest friends were playing, and we took advantage to listen to some great music and see people.

Clockwise from Top left, Joe Maxwell w/ Ken Stone,  two close friends, fusion, jazz, reggae, folk and classic rock.

From “Walk the Beat” we headed to the 41st annual Corn Roast at Terry and Marilyn Benkert’s home in Muskegon. This is where friends have been gathering for years to get back together and visit. When this started our parents and grandparents would come and watch as we young people basically drank beer, played volley ball, drank more beer, talked, and made fools of ourselves. The crowd hasn’t changed much, but not as much beer and wine are consumed, and we have become the older people watching grand children.




A table was set up this year to remember some of the regulars that we have lost in the past year.


My cousin Dave Andrus and myself. Dave made a special trip so we could touch base for a short time.








More pictures of the corn roast.

Not only a get together but now a fund-raiser for good causes. This year people were able to spray colored water at Terry (Bummer) Benkert for a small donation. Funds went to Relay for Life. Marilyn Benkert also had a silent auction. Between the two events over $700.00 was raised.

We had to leave earlier than we wanted in able to see more friends for a short time before we headed back. Inga Weaver displaying a quilt started by Robert Weaver’s Grand Mother and finished by Inga and our group photo.

While in town we only had a few minutes with our son Ben. Ben has his own family now and had long anticipated plans. We stayed at our other son Jacob’s home. Between his work and his own life we had just a short time with him. Cynthia got up early on Friday to have breakfast with friend Linda Albonico and after our short visit with Robert and Inga we headed to Hilary and Dick’s for another short visit.

We left our son’s home in Grand Haven on Sunday morning heading back to the boat. Cynthia driving her car and me trying to decide which route would be the easiest way back. Well, that didn’t go as planned. Highway 57 south through Illinois was slated as the fastest route, however, we ran into construction traffic and had to idle for about 1-1/2 hours. Low on fuel and hungry we finally came to an exit and got off the highway and ran two lane roads South. A bright spot was C & C Kitchen in Rantoul, IL. Described as Hip & Cosey C & C Kitchen offered a light fair that hit the spot. We recommend it.

Back on the move and closing in on Kentucky we stopped just before crossing the Ohio River in Metropolis where I had my picture taken. Then on back on the road.


Monday the 21st of August was Eclipse day. We had a great view from the front deck of Bright Angel. Clear sky’s made the view perfect. My big hat and Cynthia’s umbrella gave us the shade we needed while watching and waiting.

It was a short trip and we put as much into it as possible. It’s good to be back on the boat, but miss all our friends and family.

p.s. We realize just how much our friends mean to us when we don’t see them as often as we like. Just in the short time we were in Michigan two more of our friends have passed. We will miss you Linda Little (Holland) and Pat Smith



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