Summer activities

Now that Summer has officially come, book reports seem to be a little farther apart. I find that it takes me longer to read a book. This must be to regular activities. Instead of just letting the dog out now I walk her 2 or 3 times per day. We have had visits from friends that have taken regular reading time and turned it into time for conversation and sight seeing. The boat now calls for time to clean and upkeep. All this takes away time from books. Let me just say this. I am still reading and right now enjoying a Carl Hiassen book. It should be completed in a couple of days. Reading to me is enjoyment and I don’t want to get to the point where it is not. If you have questions you can ask away. Until next time put your fist in the air and shout ” You Dirty Buzzards!”

If anyone cares where that came from, my Mother would shout at loud boats or boats making large wakes in front of there home on Spring Lake in Michigan. She would shake her fist and yell. They never heard her but they saw her. When she was 63 she took up Windsurfing or sail boarding. She sailed for about 10 years until eye problems kept her out of the water. She enjoyed it and was better than me. I would be in the water climbing back onto the board and she would sail by telling me that I didn’t keep my weight in the proper position. At the time I didn’t care for the help, but now look back with good memories. I sold Windsurfers for a time and would always tell beginners that my Mother was a surfer, most wouldn’t belive at first, but always had pictures and even had her help them a couple of times. What a hoot.

Until next time



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