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Book Report; “Blind Eye” by Stuart MacBride copyright 2010

Found Stuart MacBride’s novel “Blind Eye” in the put and take on Beaver Island, MI. I wasn’t sure that it would be a book I would enjoy but thought “I’m out and need a book”. I read the “Without Whom….” or as we say, acknowledgements, and immediately liked the way MacBride wrote. Reminded me of Nelson DeMille. As it turns out it was one of my all time favorites. Set in Aberdeen Scotland, the books main character DS (Detective Sargent) Logan McRae searches for someone blinding Polish immigrants.
Like usual I have trouble with the initials. Lots of them that denote rank in the police force. That and the Scottish slang make the book sometimes a bit confusing. Thank goodness for “google”. I spent a lot of time finding out what some of the slang represented and found some interesting recipes.
McRae spends his time searching for the person mutilating the Polish work force, dealing with a lesbian DI (detective inspector) who is having problems at home because her wife wants to have a child and the establishment is bucking the process. He is also constantly being harangued by the DCI (detective chief inspector) whose management skill is to make everyone think they are total screw ups, a possible romance with a lab assistant, she reminded me of the Goth lady on the TV show NCIS. Also, remember this is Scotland, regular police don’t carry guns, but bad guys do.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will look into more from Stuart MacBride. I found the story believable and a pleasure to read. I found myself wanting to read parts to Cynthia, my wife of 32 years. Today is our anniversary. (See if she reads this stuff), and share the book with anyone who will listen. That’s you now. So, go find this or any of his other books and tell me what you thought.
Next up, “The Devil’s Elixir” by Raymond Khoury copyright 2012.


One thought on “Book Report; “Blind Eye” by Stuart MacBride copyright 2010

  1. Congrats to you and Cynthia on your anniversary. I’ve tried reading some fiction by British authors. In general, I’m not fond of them. Glad this one worked for you though. I share your reviews with my husband Ron. He listens to books on iBooks, since they are very compatible with his screen reader on his iPad mini or iPhone. I read both iBooks and Kindle editions on my iPad mini. I can enlarge the text and reverse to white on black to accommodate my old-age vision. Keep your reviews coming!

    Paula T Dixie Dutchgirl

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